An animal requires immediate help if:

  • It is bleeding profusely.
  • It is unconscious or convulsing.
  • It has been attacked by a cat even if injuries are not visible.
  • It has a broken leg or wing.
  • It has collapsed, or is staggering and falling down.
  • It has been burned.
  • It is entangled in fishing line, string, net, debris, etc. or its bill or muzzle is caught in a jar, container, plastic rings from canned beverages, etc.
  • It has a fish hook in its mouth or body.
  • It is stuck to a glue trap, fly paper, or other sticky surface.
  • It has ingested oil, antifreeze, or other chemicals.
  • It is covered with oil, tar, etc.
  • Its eyes are crusted shut, or it appears to be blind.
  • It has been shot.
  • Its nest has fallen to the ground.
  • Its parents are known to be dead.
  • It is trapped in a vehicle or building.

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