Welcome every Bunny!

We're so glad you hopped on over to our Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, featuring Florida's native eggs


Treasure Coast Wildlife Center

Follow our Education Docent, Ashley by watching the videos below to find all the Easter "eggs"

We have coloring sheets for you to create your most beautiful art too - just open the attachment under each video and click print!

With Spring well under way in Florida we are starting to see lots of baby animals come into our clinic just in time for Easter! Some that hatch from eggs others that grow in mom's belly; baby bunnies, mockingbirds, ducks, squirrels, and opossums!


To feed all of these babies we go through almost 300 lbs of baby food per month!

Help us raise our wild animal babies to grow big and strong by donating!

Let the Egg Hunt begin!

Meet our Gopher tortoise, Judy! She's a protected species that lives in Florida. In fact, you may have seen a Gopher tortoise in your own backyard. Let's see what her eggs looks like! Click play!
Gopher Tortoise Coloring Sheet
Over in our big flight cages we have Black Vultures who have laid their own Easter Eggs!
Black Vulture Coloring Sheet
This is TCWC's alligator ambassador! Fun fact: baby alligators gender will be determined by the temperature of the eggs. Warmer eggs will be males, and cooler eggs will be females!
American Alligator Coloring Sheet
Olga the Great Horned Owl is a fan fav! What color do you think her eggs will be?
Great Horned Owl Coloring Sheet
Somebunny really wants to meet you! Both our Marsh and Cottontail Rabbits are ready to be featured Easter bunnies! 
Cottontail Rabbit Coloring Sheet
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