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One of the greatest challenges to be faced in the sustainability of wild things and wild places is finding ways to make our natural environment directly meaningful to people. This is especially true in our expanding suburbs and urban areas, where people are rapidly losing contact with nature. Even more critical is providing factual, unbiased information to the thousands of new residents who annually make Florida their home. One way in which we can help people develop a greater sense of their relationship to the natural world is to provide them with a place where they can interpret what they see, hear, and feel in the outdoors easy.

Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital’s vision is rooted in expansion. We want to increase our ability to serve as a community resource from which both humans and animals can benefit. We have begun a capital campaign to build a NEW Education Center! 

Aerial View of NEW Site *in red*

The Wildlife Center is being designed to attract new visitors and to encourage others to return often, through dynamic exhibits and interpretive programs. It will serve all ages and segments of the community: students and teachers, clubs and civic groups, business and community leaders, families, seniors, and south Florida visitors.

The Wildlife Center will be a source of community pride, as important as an arts center, a museum, or a school. Indeed, it will include all of those elements, providing educational, scientific, cultural, and recreational benefits to the community, while helping to instill far-reaching values. Like other cultural institutions, it will attract new residents, businesses, and industries. It will help to build a sense of community, and an increased awareness that the community is a model place to live and work.

Most importantly, the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center is insurance that present and future generations of young people can learn about their natural heritage, and develop the attitudes and beliefs that are necessary for south Florida’s living and nonliving resources to be preserved.

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